For the bracelets, the length is about 16 to 17 cm

For the necklaces, the length is about 48 or 52 cm           

(long 46 cm + 6 cm chain tail        long 42 cm + 6 cm chain tails)

For the rings ,there is a Ring Guide Chart for you :

Beware! Always make sure your finger size before you place ring order. If you are not sure about your finger size, you can use our "Finger Sizer" chart for a guide. If buying for a friend, just ask him or her to do the step 1 and 2. Use a ruler to get the length over the phone. You can than use our "Ring Size Table" to find the relative size # match the length. If you do not find the size # match exactly the same as the length, always order one size up, so it will not get too small to wear.

Step1: Cut a straight strip of paper about the size of 3 inches (long)* 1/2 inch (wide).
Step2: Warp around your finger with this paper strip. Place a mark where the end meets the paper strip.
Step3: Place the mark on the "X" of this finger size chart just print out. Extend the paper strip, the "# "indicates at the end of the paper strip is the correct finger size.