Normally, for the alloy jewelry, their color will gradually fade after a long time, it is a natural phenomenon, and rather than determined by the material quality issues .So we must pay more attention to prevent then from presume, when the assembly will be sprayed into the jewelry surface. And please note that we should also appropriately reduce the wearing times on the hot season because sweat will corrode in alkaline gold’s plating, proper maintenance will make your jewelry more long lasting wearing

1. Keep your jewelry away form your perfume, sweat, detergents and other liquid; do not use jewelry cleaner or ultrasonic to clean your jewelry
2. If you won’t wear them for a long time, please put them on the jewelry boxes to avoid exposure to sunlight and humid air
3. After wear your jewelry, please do not try to use dirty rags to clean them because this will do harm to the jewelry
4. Don’t put all of your jewelry in a box because it will easy to scratch the jewelries’ surface, please put them separate and have some additional space
5. Please note that our jewelry is imitation jewelry, so maybe some force will lead to deformation
6. The jewelry should be avoid any violent collision shock, because it would make the adhesion of the stone and drop a variety of accessories
7. jewelry and cosmetics should be strictly separated, due to diamond (stone, etc.) have an affinity for oil, easy to glue oil cosmetics, otherwise your jewelry will be less shiny on the surface
8. please avoid jewelry together with drugs, because some drugs can adhere to the diamond (stone, etc.) produce a chemical reaction, and make the diamond (stone, etc.) change color;
6.When you sweating, you should not wear jewelry, stones and plating will sweat corrosion. Laundry, bathing should take off jewelry;
7. If your jewelry dirty, you should not wash it , but you can use wipe specialized tools to clean them
8.When you wearing jewelry please avoid high temperature, because under high temperature , jewelries will prone to cracks and discolor