Material Intro

Main Material : Alloy
 Crystal : Use Swarovski Crystal
 Inlay Material : swarovski crystal / Rhinestone / Zircon / Shell / Oil / Pearl / Viscose / stones / Leather (material intro)
 Inlay Material : zinc color glazed,rhinestone / crystal ,non toxin and Ni free
 Color : Please See Picture
 Plating : White Steel / Bright silver / Gun-color / K-gold / Platina / Oxidation-silver / Oxidation anti-copper / Other (material intro)

Alloys: divided into two kinds , pewter and zinc alloy, general gifts for zinc alloy material, hard density;
Copper material: material for the copper material, generally used for the mosaic zircon;

Diamond: Most Swarovski (Swarovski) stones;
Zircon: Also called "Soviet rock" bottomless luster the brightest, the cost is high;
Mickey: translucent or frosted, usually hemispherical or spherical;
Shell: also known as mother of pearl, natural deep sea shell raw materials.
Drip: drop of oil used in paint raw materials produced in the United States, after the technical treatment, bright color, refreshing, adjustable made from a variety of colors;
Pearl: freshwater pearls or plastic spray color beads;
Cat's Eye, eye of the tiger;
Semi-precious stones: artificial gems;
Viscose: imitation ivory, imitation amber, imitation mahogany materials;

Plating color:
White Steel: The most common white plating material;
Light gold, matte gold: gold, K gold plating;
Rose gold: rosy K gold plating, for the young and trendy consumers;
Light silver: all white which is the most pure, more common in the earrings brooch;
Gun Color: similar to the barrel surface color, glossy black, stable;
Oxidation of silver: silver in the air tend to darken after oxidation treatment, the more stable nature, and color than the quaint and gentle;
Bronze oxidation: a red, old color;
Oxide bronze: ancient, with the style of the atmosphere, very popular;
Platinum: better than the shiny white steel brighter, usually plating the surface of the copper material.

Flash Sand: irregular surface of the sand-like handling;
Pull of sand: the irregular surface of the stripe treatment, stripes, smaller, and the treated surface three-dimensional sense of strong, soft and more;
Pull coarse sand: similar to the pull of sand, but the thick stripes;
Color separation: a style can be made into color or tri-color, high cost of the process;
Oxidation: the product plating surface oxidation treatment, make it more stable in nature;
Machine blasting: uniform and detailed surface sand-like handling;
Laser: laser technology in the product form a specified pattern, never fade;
Screen printing: the pattern will be printed on the surface of the product technology, durability is not as good as a laser;
Wacker: the way of painting, usually black, softer;
Drip: As described in the supplementary material. Drop of oil processing products have the effect of bright colors, patina and matte;
Other: fuel injection, power sand and oil sands, etc.

The basic material of the products: mainly are alloy and copper (Copper is mainly used in the product which is inlaid with Zircon. When the surface of this kind of product is white, it's mainly plating platina).

The the accessory of the product:
 Rhinestone, Zircon., Which come from Austria, are high gloss and shining.
Shell: nature shell in the blue water, sometimes even obvious crack on it.
Oil: the material of oil is from the USA. It's brilliant and can be mixed to a variety of colors after technical treatment
Pearl: freshwater pearl, and plastic painting bead
viscose: imitation ivory, imitation AMBER and imitation rosewood, etc. ..
other synthetic stones