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Swarovski Elements Earrings-M10007-172

Swarovski Elements Earrings

Item No :
M10007-172  /  352402
Place of origin :
Materials :
Matel base and Inlay materials View materials
Dimensions :
0.00 - 0.00 - 0.00  CM
Unit Weight :
0.00 KG / 1 Pieces
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• Product Description
  • Fire Baptizing
Refined again and again, standing up the chastening of the time, she outgrows to the classic of the beauty.
Water Abluting
Try to create fickle lives of arts with exquisite, colorful and no regions restricted style. Reveal the sensibility of the female freely and completely with different feeling in different space.
Unloading the wind
The free, unrestricted creative spirit annotates the sensitive and exquisite world of female in her own unique way. She has combined the various world culture, outgrowing one kind of style between the western luxuriant culture and the Chinese delicate culture
Product Quality
is a famous brand from HONGKONG and is greatly exported to Europe and America.
The fashion design style and good quality is certificated by customers.
Swarovski Elements Earrings
Swarovski Elements Earrings
Swarovski Elements Earrings
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